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Virgin is known for redefining and disrupting businesses. Moreover, the company is a driving force when it comes to social awareness. With the mission of promoting major sporting events, Virgin Sport aims to provide a variety of athletic experiences in order to bring athletes, family, and friends closer together.

Virgin Sport Challenges are called "sport festivals" and combine sport activities with family fun. Given this context, it was clear that the technological platform for event promotion and the management of all logistics would have to be sophisticated, secure, and scalable. Through a collective effort with some of the world's biggest companies, ALTA developed the website, CRM, and the integration of all systems.


Virgin Sport


When it came to the brand's launch, Virgin Sport imagined a system where a state-of-the-art website would act as the front-end for its operation. It would be supported by a CRM and a set of integrations that included a ticket sales and merchandising selling platform (Attendly) and an offline application (Raceday) for on-the-run control of sporting events with an algorithm to calculate results in real-time while also showing them on the website.


As part of an ongoing partnership with ACQUIA, ALTA was invited to implement the key components and overall system architecture. The technical and functional specifications were the product of thorough analysis and requirement workshops. The four main vectors (Architecture, Drupal, SugarCRM, and Raceday) were addressed in an iterative and synchronized way, with well-defined priorities - launch the marketing campaign and process racing results during events.


A marketing platform where Virgin Sport announces its events, sells tickets, collects funds, rallies volunteers and publishes the results in a user-oriented way, supported by a CRM where all customer information is stored and managed. The CRM allows Virgin Sport to create customized marketing campaigns and integrate them with all the tools that support the operation (Attendly, Raceday, Mylaps, etc.)

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Their diligence, creativity, and focus on developing our platform helped us achieve our goals in the launch of the new company

Mary Wittenberg Virgin Sport CEO
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