BMW Financial Services


BMW Financial Services is a company that is part of the BMW Group. Counting with a team of expert professionals that are fully dedicated to the auto industry, the company offers an array of financing solutions and services to more than 35.000 clients.

The group needed to develop the customer portal of BMW Financial Services. We were tasked with defining the navigational flow and the experience of the portal, as well as with the development of a visual layout based on the graphic guidelines of both BMW and Mini.


BMW Financial Services
Mini Financial Services


The main challenge was to design a customer portal to provide self-service to BMW's retail customers, supporting the current activities of the CIC (Customer Interaction Centre.) This would have to be a personalized online platform which could effectively address the needs of BMW FS retail customers in the contract management stage.


The first step was to define user personas. After the analysis, we created user stories taking the specific profiles into account: individual client (1 to 3 cars) and company (fleet managers - up to 500 vehicles.) The second stage was all about facilitating workshops with the client to define the main structure for the design of the user stories. Last but not least, we delivered the user stories and the UI development taking the identity of BMW and Mini into consideration.


The creation of a customer portal for financial services. This portal was a tremendous success since it allowed BMW to experience a huge reduction in the number of phone calls.

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Mini Financial Services

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