Why 2019 is the Year of SugarCRM

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Everyone knows that there are umpteen alternatives when it comes to selecting the best CRM platform.

Some CRM platforms have been known to help businesses excel by allowing them to take full advantage of customer relationship management data, supercharging client acquisition, sales, and revenue in the process.

Some others are glossy and showy but can provide unreliable data and forged numbers, leaving users feeling like they were deceived.

With so many different choices, it’s clear that there is a need for a customer relationship management tool which has a proven track record and gets the job done: SugarCRM.

It’s time to understand why SugarCRM is prepared to become the number one CRM solution come 2019.

What is SugarCRM?

SugarCRM is a customer relationship management platform that helps businesses craft a highly-personalized experience.

The platform’s functionality actually includes collaboration, sales-force automation, marketing campaigns, detailed reporting, customer support, Mobile CRM, and Social CRM.

This CRM system has been widely recognized as an innovative CRM platform by renowned leading market analysts.

Indeed, from Forrester to Gartner, there are many analysts who praise its ability to provide a remarkably streamlined architecture, energize CRM strategies, and deliver results to some of the world’s largest multinational enterprises.

This CRM solution is effectively tailored to every single person who actively engages with potential clients: customer support agents, executives, help desk assistants, sellers, marketers, etc.

The CRM company is actually delivering a transformative and individualized user experience that never fails to be both engaging and thoroughly immersive.

A simple, straightforward tool, SugarCRM focuses on the process optimization of age-old CRM as well as on the social aspects of a consumer-first application.

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Today, this CRM solution is deployed by more than 2 million people in over 120 different nations all around the world.

The proof of the impact that SugarCRM has had on companies?

The fact that it is currently being used by huge groups such as IBM, Audi, Zurich, and Reebok.

Advantages of Using SugarCRM

Using SugarCRM instead of other CRM solutions has many advantages.

First and foremost, SugarCRM allows business teams to be sure there are not going to be any hidden fees.

Another advantage?

SugarCRM is a highly customizable platform.

In fact, market leaders can get to use an interface that’s solely focused on the data that matters, having the chance to eliminate aspects which are irrelevant to their particular goals.

This customization allows business owners to get what they need, know what is important to their clients, having in-depth insight on customers so as to ensure every single interaction is optimized for maximum effect.

In addition, SugarCRM promotes a flexibility of CRM solutions.

Indeed, users can build remarkably on-point customer relationships and get huge customer growth to boot.

More advantages?

SugarCRM was built using an open software architecture, which means it leverages open technologies such as REST, PHP, JavaScript, and HTML5.

This allows for hyper-improved agility, long-term results, and a reduced total cost.

Moreover, SugarCRM is deployed anywhere, ensuring this is a truly agile CRM system.

The SugarCRM platform can be deployed:

  • On-premise, behind a specific firewall
  • Through a private cloud
  • Via SugarCRM’s multi-tenant service (on demand)

Last but not least?

Unlike many other CRM platforms currently available in the market, SugarCRM is actually pretty simple to implement.

Users will only need to turn it on and gain access to a platform that can be easily integrated into their IT architecture, customize it as they see fit, and leverage a thoroughly successful business strategy.

How Can SugarCRM Help Small Businesses?

Business leaders who are managing small to medium-sized companies can use SugarCRM to increase customer loyalty and effectively ensure they get the most from customer relationships.

Indeed, one of the most demanding aspects of being a small business owner is to not only acquire customers but also maintain them.

This is where SugarCRM comes into play, allowing small business owners to take full control of the customer journey by giving them a wealth of customer data they can use to leverage results and grow their businesses.

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Most small business owners struggle at the beginning of their journey.

Not those who opt for SugarCRM.


Here’s a list of reasons why small business owners should implement SugarCRM:

  • It’s affordable, allowing business leaders to build an effective CRM system
  • It’s widely well-rated, having received the top Net Promoter Score on all the biggest CRM vendors
  • It allows them to optimize their time because it automates typically morose processes
  • It has tailor-made, custom-built solutions to ensure they get the biggest bang for their buck

If small business owners need to get a sense of where their customers are, they need SugarCRM to get the right data and the best customer support available.

How Can SugarCRM Help Enterprises?

Most enterprises have tried and tested a plethora of CRM solutions.

So why SugarCRM?

What’s the difference?

The key factor enterprises should focus on isn’t exactly customer acquisition but loyalty and relationships.

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Moreover, big companies must be able to disrupt the system and come up with highly-differentiated and groundbreaking customer experiences.

Businesses shift, shape and rebrand at a much faster pace than ever before.

Market leaders want ease of access, custom-made solutions, an incredible amount of customer-related data, and an interface where they can access what they want when they need it.

Business owners want a fully personalized take on CRM, a huge web of different partners, and a CRM process which is completely automated without needing to break the bank to get it.

In a world filled with confusion and noise, SugarCRM is a solution for big business owners who want to take maximum advantage of CRM and grow their business using a consistent customer relationship strategy.

What People Say

There are many opinions, blog posts, and case studies about SugarCRM.

In fact, this is one of the most lauded CRM platforms in the world.

According to Charlie Gunningham, the CEO of Business News, SugarCRM has allowed his company to create consistent processes for advertising and subscription sales, ensuring the business works in tandem with its clients.

Moreover, according to John Millis, IT Director of Cells4Life, SugarCRM and its power for automation have helped his specific business to bypass morose regulatory procedures and optimize time.

Lastly, Daniel Tronolone, IT Director at TengoInternet, has stated that SugarCRM simplifies the CRM data process, allowing teams to focus solely on what matters - the customers.

How ALTA Digital Explores SugarCRM

ALTA Digital is the sole partner of SugarCRM in Portugal.

Therefore, we’ve had first-hand experience of this phenomenally helpful customer relationship management tool.

Here’s what SugarCRM has allowed ALTA Digital to do:

  • Create automated email campaigns that got us new leads
  • Manage customer calls
  • Integrate with other marketing automation tools
  • Re-target email campaigns to specific customers
  • Craft customized lists to boost brand awareness strategies
  • Acquire new business opportunities
  • Take advantage of SugarCRM 8, which allows us to manage data privacy (GDPR)
  • Integrate with SaaS services
  • Effectively gain new business through a wealth of contact data
  • Develop and integrate SugarCRM with the client’s business/platforms
  • Ultimately increase revenue and grow our business

How to Implement SugarCRM

There are three different packages companies can take advantage of when using SugarCRM:

  • Sugar Professional, for small and medium-sized companies
  • Sugar Enterprise, for large enterprises
  • Sugar Productivity Pack, a CRM solution which guides users through the sales process in a truly revolutionary way, making sure the customer becomes a priority

SugarCRM is easy to implement and highly-customizable.

Just watch this video overview of SugarCRM 7 and learn more about what this CRM solution can do!

Bonus: Collabspot is Now Part of SugarCRM

Collabspot is the simple yet mighty powerful tool that allows for a bridge between SugarCRM and Gmail and it's now been bought by SugarCRM.

This impeccable tool has been vital throughout the years, helping the users of SugarCRM become both more efficient and productive.

In fact, it allows users to get crucial info right into their inboxes, ensuring they get a better context for every single customer interaction.

Plus: Collabspot lets users create and edit new SugarCRM records as well as have access to a plethora of amazing tools such as email tracking, delayed sending of emails, and much more.

For those who are already Collabspot users, there's no need to panic: people who use Collabspot will still be able to access the website's partner portal, manage subscription customers and register new leads.


Easy to use, and highly-customizable, SugarCRM allows business owners to get the most of customer relationships.

This customer relationship management tool is both simple to implement and has a proven track record, guaranteeing complete satisfaction, allowing business owners to maximize their CRM efforts and effectively grow their businesses.

Ready to acquire amazing customers, retain loyal clients, automate campaigns, get a data-driven experience, and upgrade your CRM to a whole new level?

Explore SugarCRM for free now!