Top 6 Tricks to Master the Brand-New Marketing Funnel

top 6 tricks to master the brand new marketing funnel

The Marketing Funnel

The marketing funnel has been driving experts crazy since it became a staple of the industry. Both elusive and highly-important, this consumer-focused model can change the fate of companies, supercharge amazing strategies, and increase revenue all around.

The members of this digital-first company know all about this.

For years, we've attempted to unveil the secrets, look beyond the pre-approved, socially shared strategies, and reach deep inside in order to thoroughly understand the marketing funnel.

And what did we find? What are the tricks you need to hone to master today’s version of the marketing funnel?

By reading this expanded digital marketing article, you’ll be able to get to know what is the marketing funnel and how to craft a marketing funnel that works for your business.

What is a Marketing Funnel?

Also known as the purchasing funnel, the marketing funnel is a consumer-driven model of marketing that showcases the theoretical journey of the customer towards the effective purchase of a service or product.

This really is that which takes a prospective customer through the complete journey from finding your specific business all the way to getting to become a regular client who purchases your awesome products.

What is the end game of the marketing funnel bonanza? To be able to create a super-automated systematic process that is measurable at any given point of the particular customer journey.

The marketing funnel describes the customer’s absolute journey: it helps you understand where the customer is at the beginning of their path and maps the route to exciting brand awareness, lead generation, and eventual conversion - total and utter customer acquisition.

How can you take the marketing funnel to new heights, allowing it to become a faithful servant that enables you to get more bang for your marketing buck? By taking analytical data into account, you’ll get to know what your company must do to effectively influence the target audience every step of the way.

Why would establishing a successful marketing funnel help you out? Because a great sales marketing funnel can guarantee more sales, increase the sense of trust and brand loyalty, as well as take brand awareness to a whole new level.

Marketing Funnel: The Stages

You’re probably wondering about what are the different stages of the marketing funnel.

Here they are:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

The AIDA model - as it’s known by marketing folks - has been a staple of the industry for a long time.

Why? Because it clearly allows you to understand what are the specific grand stages that you need to go through in order to successfully woo customers, get their lovely loyalty, generate leads, and take full advantage of converted clients.

What is Awareness all about? It’s the beginning of your conversation with the customer. It’s the stage in which your prospective client gets to become aware of the problems they’ve been facing, as well as the probable solution to those specific problems - your products!

Then, Interest comes about. The customer you’re trying to convert showcases they’re interested in acquiring a product that can solve their problem.

Desire? This is when they scout. They go online, perform the old Google query, and explore a wealth of different branded products that can all fix their ailment.

Action? That’s when the prospect actually makes up their mind. This is when they decide that - from all the perused products they checked on sundry ads and online platforms - they want to opt for your product.

Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. The four most beautiful words a marketer can hear.

Even though the AIDA model is still around, it’s been updated throughout the years. Nowadays, experts agree that the funnel has been changed.

Here’s the new AIDA model:

  • Awareness: the customer wants to buy a product that fixes their problem
  • Consideration: the customer creates a checklist listing all the pros and cons of the different products they’ve encountered
  • Conversion: the purchase is made. The customer has purchased your service
  • Loyalty: you must kickstart loyalty-driven initiatives to guarantee your customer returns time and time again, becoming faithful to your brand
  • Advocacy: the customer ceases to be a mere client and becomes a voice that supports your vision, taking word-of-mouth marketing to new levels

The new marketing and sales funnel seems to be the trick every marketing pro is trying to hone.

But what are the steps and tips you need to take this brand-new version of the marketing funnel and make it work? How can you increase sales in the 21st Century, knowing full-well that competition is becoming fiercer by the minute?

Keep reading, check the following tips, and supercharge your sales and marketing funnel!

Top 6 Tricks to Master the Sales Funnel

1. Get Focused

One of the biggest problems of any expert in the marketing arena? A lack of oriented focus.

Without focus, it will be impossible for you to devise a cool marketing funnel that never lets you down. Focus means you must create a page that immediately attracts your target audience.

If they’re looking to buy plastic bags, you must be able to craft a website that makes the usual plastic bag look like a mediocre version of your masterpiece-version.

The top of an industry funnel is and always will be about inspiring the audience. This is where you will have to insert inspiring images to attract customers, allowing them to be curious enough to keep scrolling down to learn more.

With perfect inspiration, you’ll be sure to take advantage of two very important things:

  • Reduced customer acquisition cost
  • Much better engagement levels

What’s the problem of focusing on giving the clients the inspiring image, starting to sell the product immediately? What’s the negative aspect of letting your customers see what the product’s benefits and major features are all about right at the beginning of the funnel?

It might be harder for you to monetize. If you start marketing the product at the bottom of the funnel, you can get to acquire clients more easily.

Why? Because most people like a page that’s got some storytelling ability and are tired of pages that are too straightforward and sales-oriented.

What do you need to have? A balance between hard selling and storytelling. This will allow you to craft an engaging tale that lures website users, enthralls them with a target-focused story and converts at the bottom of the sales funnel.

2. The Landing Page

This is the first connection established between your target audience and your services and that means you must rock the first impression. Both promo specifications and your target optimization must be able to actually reflect the promise you’ve showcased in the ad your prospective clients clicked on.

This is it. This landing page must be amazing, creative, inspired, and the product of a remarkably devoted analysis of myriad landing pages.

Want some proven tips that will help you master the landing page credentials you’ll need to take the marketing sales funnel higher?

Pay attention to these landing page tips:

  • The headline message must be matched with the ad the users clicked on
  • The CTA must be a reflection of the challenges faced by the target audience
  • Go for A/B testing to compare and improve the latest version
  • Ensure you describe your products taking both their benefits and features into account
  • Use psychologically persuasive copy to lure users in
  • Use the FREE TRIAL trick - it establishes trust and makes it easier for the buyer to make up their mind
  • Showcase different product samples - visual proof matters

Is there a way for ALTA Digital to enlighten you when it comes to the complex landing page arena? Yes, indeed.

Go ahead and check this landing page article, read it through, and use these proven methods to conquer the world!

3. Conduct the Customer

The customer is in. They’re now exploring your landing page.

What’s the worst thing that could happen? They’re scrolling down, checking the samples, learning about the product’s different benefits and features, and then, they move up. They decide to scroll up the page to check something once again.

This is on you. This is your mistake. You must be able to create a landing page that’s so uniquely appealing that the only way is down.

Your customers become excited, entertained and informed and that means they must continually scroll down the landing page until they reach the CTA and convert. You just have to limit upward movement: the higher they rise, the more money you’ll eventually lose.

How to avoid this cataclysm? You have to follow simple steps to clear away any doubts, reduce the amount of deafening noise, and successfully market your product.

What steps?

Here they are:

  • At the bottom of the page, before the CTA, you should limit the noise
  • Don’t insert ads at the bottom of the page - they will distract the buyer and tarnish your goal
  • Focus on the user experience in order to move the customer downstream, helping them quickly see the benefits, features, and make up their mind
  • Build feature sets that guide customers down
  • Focus on the crucial aspects and kill any extra features that add no value

4. CRM is King

Remember that marketing master who said CRM didn’t matter? No? That’s because no sane person would ever say that.

Customer-Relationship Management is everything. It allows you to establish a strategy that ensures your target audience convert faster than ever before.

CRM integrates your support and sales departments. You also need to opt for a CRM tech that can integrate AI chatbots, since they are a fundamental arrow in the marketer's quiver.

What can’t you forget about CRM? What must you know about this tech that changes your perception?

Here are the CRM stats you need today:

  • Almost 90% of online business ventures are now using some type of CRM integration
  • Access to CRM tools increases sales productivity by 15% (a conservative estimate)
  • Your ROI with CRM is going to be much higher (the average corporation gets $5.5 for every $1 invested)
  • 74% of enterprises state that CRM allows them to have better access to juicy customer data

5. Loyalty Forever

As we’ve seen before, loyalty that leads to advocacy is key if you want to master today’s updated version of the sales and marketing funnel.

How can you ensure your customers become loyal? You have to consistently provide content that disseminates helpful info, educating your target audience. Customers who get educational info about products and services are more likely to stick by your brand since everyone likes to see a company as a source of reliable information they can trust.

In a world that’s moving too fast, a company that provides regular content updates that inform and illuminate the audience will always ensure it garners a higher number of loyal customers.

How can you guarantee you master customer loyalty?

Follow these customer loyalty steps:

  • Ensure customer support is a top priority
  • Use social media to answer queries and provide educational input
  • Reward customers with cool gifts, store discounts, and super-exclusive offers
  • Consistently and constantly ask for advice, allowing customers to know you act on the feedback they provide - it helps customers feel like they’re part of the brand
  • Make the customer’s life easier - you can add a tool that simplifies the purchasing process, for instance
  • Host events to show how grateful you are - it helps you establish a human connection with clients

6. Advocacy Unleashed

By taking these tips and steps into account, you’ll reach the promised land: advocacy.

This is it. It’s what you’ve always wanted.

Customers became aware that they needed a product, they considered many different products, and they decided to buy yours. But the money doesn’t lie in one purchase: it lies in loyalty and advocacy, which basically guarantee the customer will purchase from you time and time again.

You’ve done it. By creating educational content, paying attention to social media questions, providing discounts on special occasions, and hosting different events that ensure customers feel closer to you and more in tune with the brand, you’ve been able to create a sense of faithful fellowship.

If you continue performing the tips showcased in this article, you’ll definitely be able to increase your customer pool, offer different services, bet on educational content, and create a perfect scenario in which your clients feel like your brand is part of the family.

And what happens when we feel like we’re part of a family? We fight for it, we talk about it, and we sell it.

This is word-of-mouth heaven. This is the end game of any updated marketing funnel: to ensure customers become completely enlightened and entranced, ready to return, make repeat purchases, and become the loyal followers that guarantee businesses get to remain relevant.

Advocacy comes about once buyers become something more than clients - they become full-blown fans.

They’ll not only buy from you once: they’ll purchase again and again, continually paying to acquire your services and products.

They love you and will always let the world know just that. Congratulations: you’ve just mastered the sales funnel.

Time to Act

Now that you’ve seen what are the different stages of the newly-minted conversion funnel, have been able to understand the amazing impact of a perfectly-tailored landing page, and have become acquainted with the unending power of customer advocacy, what should you do?

Practice what was preached, bet on these steps, and make sure you get to hone the skills and tricks you need to put into place to maximize conversions and become the sales and marketing funnel sheriff.

Will you use these tricks to gain a whole new understanding of the marketing funnel?

Let us know all about it! Share your methods and strategies in the comment section below!