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Technology 2021

I will never forget 2020 as the year I was reminded of the importance of physically connect to my friends, family and community.

No-one foresaw the world-changing events, but one thing I'm sure: tech will be more than ever part of our daily routines. So, how technology will help us adapt to the new paradigm of the Covid-19 effect? How can it help us working from home and social distancing?

The inevitable: Virtual Appointments & Meetings

Clients meetings and "Going to the doctor" routines changed from attending in-person to virtual appointments, leaning on apps like Zoom, Teams, Skype and Webex.

The most consensual: Wallet Apps

Take mobile wallet apps like MbWay (Portugal), Apple Pay (everywhere really) or even contactless technology: it has been around for years, but germaphobia made us adopt more contact-free payments.

The trendy: Wearables are finally starting to get the recognition they deserve

Wearables have now reached a maturity level that monitors blood O2 levels, heart rate and ECGs, detects falls and tracks sleep. Wearables adoption are one of the stimulating side effects of lockdown since stress, anxiety, and loneliness took over people.  

The controversial: Contact Exposure Apps

Health tech will dominate this year's new cycle: From machine learning algorithms; artificial intelligence - critical in rapid vaccine creation; Google and Apple joining their efforts to create contact exposure technology; mathematical models to calculate R numbers and predict second waves.

The Revolution: online Retail & Delivery boom

Covid-19 has forced retailers to make drastic changes to survive: even the most resistant to change have adopted an online shopping channel along 2020. It's the perfect opportunity for the Go Store Chain Concept from Amazon to evolve and expand. Challenges Facing Transportation delivery need to be overcome with demand increase, so companies like Amazon and UPS will take even further Drone delivery technology.

As I see it, the Market, Companies and Consumers are well open to new approaches and tech challenges.

It's time to take action. We should improve and rethink strategies and the way we approach the market.

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