8 SEO Tools You Can't Live Without in 2019

8 seo tools you cant live without in 2019

Why SEO Rules

Search Engine Optimization isn’t a fad: it’s one of the key methods that can allow websites to conquer the capricious SERPS, get a great Google ranking, and allow little-known enterprises to achieve stardom.

But in a world that’s filled with umpteen SEO tips, tricks, and tools, what are the essential platforms that nobody should be living without? By reading this expanded SEO article, you’ll have access to the best SEO tools that will allow you to keep pushing your content, increase your website traffic, boost conversion rates, and generate more leads in the coming years.

Top 8 SEO Tools

1. MOZ SEO Software

MOZ SEO Software is basically one of the greatest SEO tools you need to start exploring. It allows you to take max advantage of an all-in-one SEO toolset as well as the universe’s most accurate and highly-detailed SEO data.

This SEO tool lets you learn SEO quicker than ever, understand how to make sure local search becomes an advantage, and check a full-blown beginners guide that turns newbies into pros.

MOZ is actually one of the largest SEO communities on planet Earth. That means that - by having access to this platform - you can rest assured knowing you’ll basically dive into an SEO course, keyword research tool, and SEO data fest all in one single page.

Here are some MOZ SEO Software stats for you to check:

  • This platform has more than 600.000 active community members
  • It’s got over 100.000 locations on the map
  • 37.000 customers trust its SEO data

What’s the price you pay to get inside one of the best SEO tools around? Once you’re done exploring the free trial, you’ll be paying $179 per month.

2. Ubersuggest

In the world of SEO, a long-tail keyword is basically a keyword phrase which contains at least three words. These types of long keywords are used to target hyper-niche demographics instead of massively huge audiences.

Since they get to be much more specific to a particular niche, long-tail keywords allow you to ensure you’re targeting less-competitive keywords, something which can give you an extra edge in the fiercely competitive SEO arena.

What is Ubersuggest? It’s an amazing tool that allows you to actually find a whole plethora of juicy long-tail keywords, making sure you can do it super-easily and fast. Ubersuggest actually aggregates data from Google and provides keyword ideas which are not only similar but also related to Google searches.

Why should you try Ubersuggest?

Here’s why:

  • It allows you to improve your SERPS ranking since it finds the perfect long-tail keywords your content should be ranking for
  • It lets you have an awesome understanding of who your audience actually is, and how they go about searching for products and services which are similar to yours
  • It manages to give you the right CPC campaign keyword suggestions, allowing you to get more traffic and increase your sales revenue
  • It provides useful keyword suggestions that can help you improve your website’s content through super-targeted niche copywriting

How much will you pay to be able to get phenomenal insights into strategies that are actually working for your competitors? How much are you willing to spend to be able to study the competition more thoroughly than ever, adopt best practices, and gain a competitive advantage to boot?

Zero? Lucky for you, that’s how much you’ll be spending.

That’s right: Ubersuggest is a free keyword tool so don’t wait around and explore it right away.

3. SpyFu

Is there a competitor keyword research tool that’s perfect for SEO and AdWords PPC? Yes, indeed! It’s SpyFu.

This American search analytics company comes straight out of Arizona, and can actually show you the keywords that worldwide websites are buying on Google AdWords. Moreover, it also allows you to know the keywords websites are showing up for on the SERPS.

What are some other advantages of SpyFu?

SpyFu allows you to:

  • Download your main competitor’s most valuable keywords and advertisements for both organic and paid traffic
  • Take advantage of smart recommendations to get more clicks to both your AdWords and SEO campaigns
  • Be able to monitor your SEO rankings on Yahoo, Bing, and Google
  • Generate a wealth of profitable leads by letting you have access to contact info and establish new business partnerships

How much will you pay for this great SEO tool? Click right here and check the different pricing modes!

4. Majestic SEO

Is it possible to get one of the very best link intelligence tools that are now available to website pros? Is it even remotely possible to have access to the internet’s largest index database?

Yes! You just need to create a Majestic SEO account. Majestic SEO is the perfect tool for developers, SEO masters, media analysts, and entrepreneurs.

Why is that?

Because Majestic SEO allows you to:

  • Access the Site Explorer, which allows you to explore a domain in incredible detail
  • Dive into the Link Intelligence API, which lets you bring raw data into your applications
  • Explore the Search Explorer, which means you can take keyword research to a whole new level
  • Take advantage of the Backlink History Checker, becoming able to understand which is the number of backlinks detected by a super-slick robot for URLs, domains or subdomains

Want to have access to the pricing? You just need to click here and see what’s the best Majestic SEO plan for you to dive into!

5. SEMRush

SEMRush is the foremost Software as a Service (SaaS) enterprise around. It basically sells software subscriptions for marketing analytics as well as online visibility, empowering your SEO efforts like no other tool.

This all-in-one marketing toolkit allows you to:

  • Get access to amazing data on the SEO tactics of your competitors. You can see which keywords allowed your competitors to boost their game, and create a new strategy to make your mark
  • Take advantage of huge social media reach. With SEMRush, you can take engagement to a whole new level by measuring the performance of a specific brand’s overall social media marketing strategy. This will ultimately allow you to take cues and come up with something better in the process
  • Explore a feature that makes you power-up strategic advertising. On SEMRush, you can actually compare your ad approaches to those of the competition, becoming able to find what actually makes your competitors popular in the first place

How much will you be paying for this SEO bonanza?

There are three standard monthly subscriptions, which start at the following prices:

  • Pro ($99.95)
  • Guru ($199.95)
  • Business ($399.95)

6. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a crucial SEO tool that grows your search traffic, allows you to monitor your strategic niche, and lets you take full advantage of competitor research. With Ahrefs, you can access tools for competitive analysis, web monitoring, rank tracking, backlink research, keyword research, and content research.

You also get to access the most complete data in the SEO industry.

Indeed, Ahrefs:

  • Crawls 6 billion pages every single day
  • Indexes 12 trillion known links, 3 trillion known URLs, and 200 million root domains
  • Has 38.000 CPU scores

Recommended by the industry’s leading experts, Ahrefs allows you to:

  • Get the best backlink checking tool available. You can get to know the strength of the backlinks, and monitor them every single day, as well as deploy smart filters and advanced reporting features in order to be able to find crucial data
  • Dig deep inside your competitor’s search traffic taking advantage of the Positions Explorer Tool. Indeed, you can see the keywords that the competition is actually ranking for in the SERPS
  • Know which type of content marketing efforts are yielding results. You can check which piece of content is getting more shares and see all the websites that are linking to your content

What about the pricing of Ahrefs?

This SEO platform has the following pricing modules:

  • Lite ($99)
  • Standard ($179)
  • Advanced ($399)
  • Agency ($999)

7. Google Trends

Google is king and that’s why it would have been impossible to create a list of the best SEO tools without mentioning the tech giant.

Google Trends is a Google platform that actually analyzes the overall popularity of top search engine queries on Google Search across a plethora of languages and regions. This website actually uses graphs to compare the search volume of different queries over a specific time period.

Google Trends lets you:

  • Get access to trending info about different countries such as featured insights and trending stories. You can get to check these great topics and incorporate them into your content strategy
  • Monitor your marketing endeavor’s performance. This tool can help you see how much interest and activity is being shown regarding your brand or product
  • Dive deep into regions and areas of interest. This means you can see which regions are showcasing an interest in your keywords
  • Check your competitors and see how their performance compares to yours. You can understand how often their brand, service or product is being searched for on Google’s search engine

How much will you pay to access Google Trends? Nothing!

That means there are no excuses. Go ahead and give this wonderful tool a try!

8. Siteliner

Want to have inside access to your website like never before? Siteliner is a cool free service that actually allows you to explore your website and get to see what are the key issues that can affect your website’s quality and its search engine rankings.

With Siteliner, you get to see:

  • Any duplicate content which may be hurting your SEO efforts
  • Great reports that are impeccable website analyses and which reveal info about each and every page
  • Your page’s power. This means you can identify which are the pages that are most important for the search engines
  • Broken links, which can actually damage your website, especially when it comes to the overall user experience

With Siteliner, you get to ensure your website is pitch-perfect, ready to be crawled by Google, and prepared to receive your preferred target audience.

Don’t think ensuring your website is SEO-ready matters?

Here are some website SEO facts you need to know:

  • 70% of links clicked by users are organic, not paid
  • Search and email are still the Top 2 internet activities
  • 53% of visitors will abandon a website if it actually takes more than 3 seconds to load
  • All records and stats show that internet users demand a fast page speed

SEO is Still King

From keyword research to website optimization tools, from platforms created by Google to others which have been in the game for years, this complete list hopes to ensure you get access to diverse, relevant, and mighty useful tools for SEO.

Now, all you have to do is create a digital marketing campaign strategy, ensure your SEO is top-notch perfect, take advantage of organic brand awareness, and see your traffic increase, more leads generated, and sales going through the internet-made roof.