The Weirdest Remarketing Myths of The Digital Era

the weirdest remarketing myths of the digital era

Remarketing is It

Even though it seems to be a novelty for some marketing mavens, remarketing or retargeting is a remarkably profitable marketing strategy you need to explore to the max.

But how effective is retargeting, when it’s all said and done?

And what are the egregious remarketing myths that need to be busted right away? It's time for you to start reading this remarketing article, learn more about what remarketing is, and understand what are the top remarketing myths you need to annihilate as soon as possible.

What is Remarketing?

Wondering what remarketing is really all about? Retargeting or remarketing is actually a type of behavioral targeting and a form of online targeted ads.

The main idea? To utilize online advertisements that are effectively targeted to prospective customers based on their online actions and behavior.

Retargeting is all about tagging Internet users by inserting a specific pixel on the target website or even email, allowing a cookie to store info on the user's particular browser. This practice involves targeting clients who have already been able to check a specific part of your web page or have showcased some sort of interest in your services and products.

Remarketing offers marketing kings a way to re-engage customers who have been browsing pages and failed to somehow go through with the much-needed conversion.

A conversion doesn't have to be an effective and actual sale. It could mean that the prospective clients failed to subscribe to a list, insert their email account info, fill out a survey, or follow a social media page.

Since 91% of worldwide website visitors leave without taking any sort of action, you should definitely be able to take max advantage of remarketing ads, allowing the prospective client’s interest in your brand to be used as a way to lure them in once more.

Plus: a remarketing program can really allow you to go ahead and track specific web pages. This means you'll eventually get to understand who are the clients that are spending time on your pages without effectively converting.

There are many brands on the planet which are consistently tracking their shopping cart activity and pages so as to target those particular clients who abandon a shopping cart before converting.

What should you do in order to hone your remarketing swagger? Once you've been able to actually identify your key targets, you'll then be able to display highly-specialized advertisements which can promote the products and services which that customer has been canvassing through.

These personalized ads are sure to promote the prospective client's preferred items, guaranteeing relevance and helping you generate sales more rapidly than ever before.

What can remarketing do for you? It can really be an awesome way for you to get a boost in relevance as well as enjoy remarkable personalization in your ads.

Indeed, according to the latest stats and data, honing remarketing techniques can help you ensure your marketing strategy is reaching the highest heights.

The number? On the authority of recent data, 73% of Internet users will purchase something online, and it can be your product, remarketed to ensure you never let your customers feeling locked in hesitation mode.

Remarketing Stats

Don't believe the retargeting hype and are iffy on the benefits of remarketing advertising?

Think that remarketing CPC is for losers?

Looking for some helpful dynamic remarketing statistics that will appease your painful qualms?

Check these remarketing stats and become a faithful follower of this mantra:

  • Visitors who are retargeted with ads are actually more likely to convert (by a whopping and surprising 70%)
  • A retargeted ad generates a massive Click-Through Rate. The number? It can be 10 times higher than the CTR of your normal display advertising solution
  • 91% of all marketers who have been able to experiment with retargeted ads have stated that they outperform display ads, search marketing and even email marketing endeavors
  • Almost 70% of all digital marketing agencies have got a super-specific budget that's dedicated to the practice of remarketing
  • Google Remarketing campaigns guarantee a 161% higher overall conversion rate
  • Retargeting using Google Display Network can reach over 90% of the whole Internet-using population!
  • 89% of users state that they have positive feelings towards remarketing practices
  • Retargeting has a way of becoming better every single day. Indeed, the more users get to view a specific ad, the higher the increase you'll notice when it comes to the retargeting conversion rate
  • Recent data has shown that remarketing strategies can help increase repeat visitors by a staggering 50% as well as boost conversions by a show-stopping 51%
  • The clicks of remarketing ads are cheaper than the clicks of normal ads. In some cases, remarketing ads can cost 100 times less!

Now that you know what retargeting is all about and have been able to become acquainted with the remarketing stats that matter, it's time for you to check these 4 remarketing myths!

4 Absurd Remarketing Myths

1. It’s Only for the Retail Folks

Now that's a misconception, to say the least.

Yes, indeed: a lot of folks still believe that retargeting can only work for retail enthusiasts. Not true.

Here’s the incontrovertible fact: retargeting ads can provide amazing benefits for B2C and even B2B companies. In fact - in some cases - remarketing outperforms the retailers that have been associated with this marketing technique.

Are you part of a B2B company? That means you probably have a freemium product, go for highly-engaging lead generation, and run the old lead nurturing campaigns.

What does that mean?

You need to up the ante and do all that plus retargeting, because that's going to effectively allow you to see conversions soar and drive your overall revenue.

Serving these super-retargeted ads can ensure your trial users will return and go about completing the steps to be able to enroll in the service you happen to be selling online.

Let's give you another example for you to understand the advantages of remarketing. Imagine you're devoting traffic to a specific lead capture form or even a mobile landing page.

How can retargeting help you out? You can supercharge retargeted ads to ensure prospective customers see your brand, remember its name, and guarantee they think about your product while going through their own assessment process.

This can be especially rewarding as regards the B2B arena.

Why is that? Because B2B sales cycles tend to be a bit longer than when it comes to B2C transactions.

Bottom line: getting to take max advantage of remarketing ads can ensure your company will always be ahead of the curve, nurturing cool leads through the sales and marketing funnel.

2. It Destroys Privacy

Another myth that you need to bust.

Why? Because remarketing doesn't get personally identifiable info from the users. Indeed, the system only tracks the specific fact that a particular user has visited a web page through the usage of cookies.

However, the so-called cookie tags are absolutely anonymous. This means that - when users are tagged - there is no personal info stored or retrieved.

What about the users who state that they aren't comfortable with remarketing methods? They can go ahead and clear their entire browsing history as well as their cookie data.

This will ensure they won't leave any unwanted tracks on the Internet-fueled road.

3. It’s Only for Sharks

Let's say that you happen to be the greenhorn CEO of a fledgling corporation.

Is remarketing not allowed? Another unbearable remarketing myth!

Your budget has got nothing to do with it, and that’s one of the best features of remarketing. It doesn't matter whether you're Microsoft or a startup: anyone can opt for remarketing.

Retargeting always showcases its power because it is a high-ROI technique which can help you look much bigger than you are online, and allows you to compete knee to knee will well-reputed market giants, ultimately getting to increase your conversion rates.

It might be that the larger businesses can afford to purchase banner ads on all the top ad networks around. However, that's unavailable to small businesses.

But with a remarketing strategy that takes full-blown use of the latest remarketing technology available today? Your small business can get to craft an online impression of grandeur, allowing users who have showcased that they are interested in your brand to check ads that matter to them.

What about the expenditure? As you've seen before, retargeted ads are much cheaper and often get faster - and better - results.

4. It Wastes Your Money

Another unbelievable myth.

Yes: once you decide to implement a Google remarketing campaign, you'll be charged for each view instead of each click. This means some advertising masters can be put off since they're ready to pay for real actions such as clicks while being reticent to pay for views.

What's that they don't see? Remarketing is much more than that.

It helps you enhance the interest of highly-targeted users, ensure they become more familiar with your brand and products, and boost brand awareness like never before. This means that the chances of users actually purchasing a product when they click the ad will be increased.

It's a fact that paid ads can allow you to earn clicks from users who don't care about your product.

That may be great.

But the terrific power of Facebook remarketing or remarketing advertisements? It's all about being able to pick those specific users who have already shown that they are interested in acquiring your services, buying your product, and becoming loyal customers.

At the end of the day, remarketing is the one and the only type of advertising around that can turn meager views into quickly-converted clicks.

Now, it's time for you to make up your mind and decide.

Do you want to be charged for a whole bunch of clicks that come from people who will never be interested in your brand?

Or do you prefer to take the retargeting train ride, pay for each specific view, and reap the rewards of a successful customer acquisition strategy?

Think about it.

Give Remarketing a Chance

From being a waste of your hard-earned money to being the type of strategy that's only available to industry giants, from being the harbinger of the end of privacy to being the sort of strategy that can only be used by retail-oriented brands, these remarketing myths will allow you to set the record straight, figure out what you need to do, understand the benefits of remarketing ads, and bask in the glory of incredible remarketing ROI.

In the future, you either include the remarketing method in your detailed marketing strategy, or you'll risk losing customers who were already dying to get to know more about your brand, buy your products, and help you become a successful entrepreneur in the process.

At ALTA, we love PPC retargeting, remarketing ads, know the value of inspired remarketing conversion rates, and have already implemented different retargeting campaigns which have allowed us to reap phenomenal rewards.

What about you?

Have you ever decided to bust some myths and give remarketing the attention it duly deserves?

Let us know in the comment section below!