Mobile Conversion Rate Optimization: The Full-Blown Guide

mobile conversion rate optimization the full blown guide

Mobile CRO is the Way to Go

Conversion Rate Optimization has proven that it’s simply one of the greatest ways for businesses to get incredible brand awareness, generate leads, and increase revenue.

In fact, the ALTA team has been able to understand how CRO can really help optimize web pages, guaranteeing more conversions and new leads, inspiring business growth like nothing else.

Yes, indeed. We know CRO is huge.

But how can CRO be maximized when it comes to the mobile arena, allowing you to dive into your Journey of Transformation in style? By reading this mobile conversion rate optimization article, you’ll be able to get to know how to take your mobile conversions to new heights, using creative technology to reap groundbreaking rewards.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

In the realm of web analytics and internet marketing, CRO is basically a known system that helps you increase the concrete percentage of visitors to a specific website that can eventually convert into actual clients. In fact, this is the process through which your business can get to increase the percentage of web page visitors who can eventually convert on the available offers.

There are two different types of conversions you should bear in mind in your CRO journey: macro and micro.

A macro conversion happens when a client effectively converts on a primary offer they’ve seen on your website. These folks might purchase a product, fill out a lead form, or even subscribe to a service.

What about micro conversions? Micro conversions happen when a customer engages with your brand. They may have signed up to get your company’s newsletter, or have seen your explainer video, or decided to like your social media page.

What’s the key to this game? To leverage both micro and macro conversions on a daily basis, testing new methods to analyze which strategies yield the best results, later supercharging this systematic process for as long as possible to guarantee a lifetime of highly-converting offers.

Conversion Rate Optimization is the key to unleash your website’s full power. By tweaking different parts of your website and making strategic changes, you can get to understand how to effectively increase conversions, leveraging a specific web page to grow your business.

When it comes to mobile, CRO becomes even more important. In a world where mobile devices are becoming extensions of the human body, making sure your website is fine-tuned and calibrated to deliver a user experience that facilitates conversions is not only important but simply crucial.

By taking advantage of already tried and tested strategies, you can analyze which are the changes that you can go for to see conversions soar in no time.

CRO Stats

Are there some conversion rate optimization stats that can help you understand just how fundamental investing in a successful CRO strategy is?

Here they are:

  • By using the right testing methods and precise targeting, you can boost your CR by 300%
  • Companies that know how to take lead nurturing to the next level get 50% more sales leads at less cost (33% less!)
  • Using videos on a landing page can actually improve CR by 86%
  • 96% of marketing pros state that segmentation is the very best way to improve a company’s conversion rate
  • 74% of Conversion Rate Optimization programs increase sales

Now that you know what CRO is all about and you’ve been able to understand the stats that clarify any doubts, it’s time for you to dive into the 8 best ways to supercharge your mobile conversion rates in the near future.

8 Best Ways to Maximize Mobile CRO

1. Mobile Website Speed Matters

One of the most important facts in the mobile conversion rate optimization game? Speed is of the essence.

Page load speed is one of the key signals Google’s algorithms use to rank pages. Page speed also matters when it comes to the user experience.

Pages that take more time to load will obviously showcase a higher bounce rate and a much lower average time on page. In addition, the facts don’t lie: 40% of customers actually decide to say goodbye to a page if it happens to take more than 3 meager seconds to load.

One of the big things when it comes to mobile? RST. RST stands for render start time, and it’s actually how long it will take for the very first piece of content to start showing up on the screen.

What happens to those mobile websites that can get the best-in-class RST? They get 50% more engagement, which means the folks who own those websites see mobile conversions go through the proverbial roof.

How to make sure your mobile website wins the speedy race?

Follow these steps:

  • Install a caching system
  • Ensure your images are optimized
  • Use a content delivery network
  • Improve the server response time
  • Reduce the number of redirects

At ALTA Digital, we take mobile website page speed optimization seriously.

That's why we've used the following tools to take an optimized page speed into full-blown account:

  • GTmetrix
  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Pingdom Full Page Test
  • Google Mobile-Friendly Test
  • SEO Site Checkup
  • DareBoost

2. Go Responsive or Go Home

Your website’s look matters and it can really influence how users think and how they use your page.

Let’s say your mobile website happens to be poorly designed and non-responsive. That will come across as juvenile, and will ensure your customers know you haven’t got a single clue about what you’re doing. This will affect customers, who will automatically lift their antennae and start getting suspicious.

Never forget: most of the traffic coming to E-Commerce stores all over the world is now mobile. If you can’t craft an outstanding mobile web page, you might as well just leave the room.

Ensuring that your design is responsive and that the user experience is sharp is half the battle, since a super-slick mobile page will guarantee more conversions.

Here’s how you can ensure your mobile website is responsive:

  • Learn from your users’ search queries to ensure the website is pitch-perfect
  • Focus on your content and how it’s presented
  • Craft a foundation which is flexible
  • The navigation can’t obstruct the users and must be hyper-intuitive
  • PDFs, videos, and images must all be fully optimized to ensure they don’t overburden the page
  • Take touch-friendliness into account
  • Select the best CMS taking your needs into consideration
  • Test as much as possible to fine-tune every single aspect

3. Product Category Pages Work Wonders

The way you go about designing your categories can make or break your mobile conversion rate optimization strategy. Nicely designed categories ensure website users can easily navigate and find the categories and products they’re looking for.

That means categories can be the map users take advantage of to explore your website, find what they need, and make the purchase.

What’s the problem on mobile, you ask? The screen size is much smaller, which will mean you have to ponder upon what is the perfect number of categories you need to showcase.

You can’t have a lengthy dropdown menu that will antagonize users, and you must ensure you showcase categories as perfectly as possible without scaring people.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Make sure your breadcrumb links are easy to click
  • Ensure all the important categories are visible
  • Add a handy back button
  • Split all the available products into categories and subcategories

4. Collect Those Emails

Can you convert prospective customers into email subscribers on mobile? Yes, but it might be one of the toughest things you’ll ever do.

Why? Because, on mobile, users have quite a limited space that they can use.

That means you can’t risk inserting a huge lead form that will overshadow your products and services. Moreover, Google doesn’t play around and it has effectively punished those mobile websites that invested in super-intrusive interstitials such as popups and popunders.

What to do, then?

You have to follow these lead form rules:

  • Ensure the lead form looks like a seamless part of your page
  • Guarantee its aesthetic vibe is consistent with the overall design
  • Nail the copy and headline to make it easy for customers to opt in
  • Galvanize users by leveraging curiosity
  • Clearly showcase the benefit of signing up

5. Everybody Loves Recommendations

How can you ensure website visitors have a thoroughly enjoyable experience navigating your amazing mobile page? Offer product recommendations so as to create a richer experience and guarantee the customers leave with more products in the bag.

What’s the problem? Whereas on desktop website owners have a huge deal of space to promote their products, on mobile you’ll need to be smart about how you take advantage of the little room you’ve got.

How to take product recommendations to the max on mobile? Display suggestions without making visitors leave the page. This will ensure prospective customers have access to your best offers and will help you earn more from each website visit.

6. Urgent Matters

Everyone likes to believe they are impervious to urgent messaging.

However, there’s a lot of hard data on marketing urgency that allows you to understand that creating a sense of urgency can really have a huge impact. In fact, on the authority of recent data, creating a sense of urgency can actually increase sales by 332%!

But what can you do to make sure your urgency-striking strategy works?

You have to:

  • Create limited offers on a regular basis
  • Use the best language cues to galvanize immediate action
  • Craft an offer within an offer, such as an additional discount for mobile users but on a price that already has a discount

Urgency in marketing works and can really help you take your mobile conversion rates to new levels.

7. Delete the Noise

Here’s something that will ensure you never see conversions: nerve-racking popups and autoplay videos that keep on messing with the customer. Everyone knows that - when used properly - these two can be powerful lead capturing nets.

However, if your users are constantly bombarded by noisy videos and pesky popups, they’ll be annoyed and unable to see what they were searching for. This means that - the more videos and animations you showcase - the fewer leads you’ll get.

How to ensure you can get to remain unscathed and escape the massacre?

Never ever use these:

  • Auto-playing videos
  • Flashy animations
  • Ads with a countdown
  • Popups

8. Analyze Data

Data analysis is crucial when it comes to mobile conversion rate optimization. You’ll eventually experiment with different techniques and leverage diverse strategies to ensure you can tweak and change your mobile website bearing higher conversions in mind.

What must you never forget to do? Use web analytics to get to see your traffic data - which includes the particular pages that are most often visited by users.

You can use special queries on Google Analytics so as to understand how many users jumped from a specific category page to other product pages and then back.

This will allow you to understand:

  • What is the percentage of users who bounce from one page to another without making a purchase
  • What is preventing users from seeing the purchase through to completion
  • How you can insert specific cues and kickstart particular strategies to help users convert

Analyzing data is something we value more than ever at ALTA.

Data analysis allows us to never skip a beat, knowing our strategies yield results every single day.

By not focusing on analytical data, you'll risk betting on the least successful, poorest performing methods, guaranteeing you waste your resources in the process.

Mobile CRO is Everything

Nowadays, more than 2.5 billion people own a smartphone. That means that taking a mobile conversion rate optimization strategy into account is remarkably important, and can really be the difference between awesome internet-made success and endless failure.

By taking all these different steps and advice into account, you’ll be able to ignite new strategies and test results, aiming for higher conversion rates that can drive sales, increase revenue, and help you take your business to a realm of hyper-optimized success.

At ALTA, we've been able to understand just how invaluable a perfectly-tailored mobile CRO strategy can be.

What about you?

What are the steps you've decided to take in order to ensure you provide a seamless mobile experience that guarantees prospective clients become loyal brand lovers?

Let us know in the comment section below!