Leader in Mid-Market Grid for CRM

Customer Wins With SugarCRM - Leader in Mid-Market Grid for CRM

We’re a Leader in CRM!

Thanks to our loyal customers, Sugar Sell, the world’s first no-touch, time-aware CRM has been named a leader in CRM software for the 4th consecutive year by G2!

G2, the world’s leading business software review platform, leverages more than 100,000 user reviews to drive better purchasing decisions.

  • Products in the Leader quadrant in the Mid-Market Grid® Report are rated highly by G2 users and have substantial Satisfaction and Market Presence scores. SugarCRM is rated as a leader in the Mid-Market report.

  • Products in the High Performer quadrant in the Enterprise Grid® Report have high customer satisfaction scores. SugarCRM is a high performer in the Enterprise Grid.

  • Products in the Leader quadrant in the Grid® Report are rated highly by G2 users and have substantial Satisfaction and Market Presence scores. SugarCRM is a leader.


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SugarCRM is unlike any other customer experience (CX) platform in the market: It is the industry’s first and only no-touch, time-aware CX platform.

The time-aware solution enables the use of customer data promptly on time to proactively gain actionable insights and take necessary actions immediately. Thanks to "No Touch", users spend less time collecting and retrieving customer information and can focus on the real work. With continuous cloud innovation unmatched by even the best-known CRM industry giants, Sugar is the most advanced, durable and future-proof customer experience platform on the market. Manage customers by uniting marketing, sales and service teams on a single, no-touch customer experience (CX) platform. SugarCRM knows you want to spend less time cleaning databases so you can spend more time on customer relationships, driving revenue, retention and loyalty.

Time-oriented CX platform
Spontaneously retrieve past performance within the entire customer journey and predict future outcomes based on the historical perspective with Sugar's event stream database.
No-Touch information management

Spend time nurturing customer relationships - not collecting and searching for data.
Continuous cloud innovation
Adapting the platform to the latest technology and high availability.


SugarCRM - Market - Sell - Serve


Sugar Market - For Marketing Automation

Sugar Market focuses on optimizing campaigns, understanding engagement, improving conversion rates and increasing sales - what matters most to marketers.

Sugar Market makes it possible to increase visitor numbers and traffic to your website through built-in SEM, SEA and social media tools and ensures that it is found quickly by search engines. Through drag-and-drop or standardized templates, high-quality and mobile-optimized landing pages, emails and forms can be created in professional quality in just a few minutes. Through the scoring system, leads are filtered, managed and evaluated so that only qualified prospects are sent to sales. Sales and marketing are thus perfectly aligned, which promotes business growth.


  • Intuitive drag-and-drop campaign builder
  • Lead nurturing and sophisticated scoring
  • State-of-the-art analytics and BI-based dashboards for reporting


  • Generates the right traffic to the website with SEM, SEO and social media tools
  • High-quality landing pages, emails and web forms
  • Generates professional-quality leads through professional-quality emailing, landing pages and web forms
  • Ensures perfect cooperation - best-qualified leads are passed on to the sales department
  • Supported by data-driven marketing expertise with BI-grade reporting



Create outstanding customer relationships with the world's most intuitive and collaborative CRM - #1 in the prestigious PCMag Readers' Choice Awards.

Sugar Sell is lean and fast, plus fully open to integrations. It tracks and monitors interactions, maps the customer journey of customers and automates any number of workflows. This allows users to stay one step ahead of their customers and get the right message to the right prospect. Less time is spent on repetitive tasks such as entering, capturing and retrieving data, and users can focus on their real work: Increasing productivity and efficiency.


  • Actionable information that delivers real value
  • Automatic (no-touch) data management
  • No. 1 in terms of user experience


  • Provides exactly the information needed for customer interaction
  • Less time spent collecting and retrieving data
  • Automates key and repetitive activities



Sugar Serve gets customer satisfaction back on track with intuitive reporting and dashboards

It ensures appropriate response and resolution times, provides self-service portals, monitors customer satisfaction and meets customer expectations and demands across all support channels. Sugar Service provides the visibility needed to deliver the best possible customer experience.


  • Self-service portal and knowledge base
  • Agent workbench
  • Real-time reports and dashboards


  • Always the right information at hand
  • Helps customers help themselves
  • Identifies potential problems early



Everything you need in a CRM solution-on-premise, tailored to your business.

As a large enterprise, you have specific needs when it comes to your business systems and creating the optimal customer experience. Sugar Enterprise is perfect for companies that require maximum flexibility in customization and complete control over the technology stack.

Stay compliant - The Control you require

  • For many companies, complying with internal data security and privacy policies, external security standards, or government compliance mandates, may eliminate cloud hosting as a viable option. Sugar Enterprise provides on-premise deployment enabling complete autonomous control over your CRM system.

Flexibility - Today through tomorrow

  • Whether you need to automate unique sales processes or exercise greater control over system updates and enhancements, Enterprise provides the ideal platform for flexible customization. You’ll have programmatic access to all areas of the system through comprehensive APIs. And when it’s time to expand or upgrade, you’ll find this is remarkably easy to do.

Customize and automate

  • At Sugar, we know that things work differently at an enterprise scale. Leverage Enterprise’s core capabilities as a baseline for highly tailored applications. Orchestrate complicated, multi-user and multi-system processes. With Enterprise, Sugar provides the tools to adapt your CRM to your business.



Choose a CRM tool that accelerates your fast-growing business. Sugar Professional helps build customer relationships that last a lifetime with everything you need to stay organized in a single, powerful platform - at a price that fits your budget.

Sugar Professional is ready to go out of the box with little or no customization required.

Elevate and optimize your CX

  • Use Sugar Professional to engage with customers, build relationships and increase your revenue. Sugar Professional brings customer data into one place and builds on top of that with a complete system for sales automation, collaboration, and reporting. Sugar customers can drive revenue, increase efficiency, reduce sales costs, and deliver unmatched customer value.

Upgrade with ease

  • With a full-service cloud offering, Sugar Pro customers enjoy better, more reliable service, fast and seamless product upgrades, and access to the very latest innovations. If you decide you’re ready to advance further, migrating to Sugar Sell becomes seamless.


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