The Best Methods to Get High-Quality Leads on Social Media

the best methods to get high quality leads on social media

Social is the Way

With the ability to amplify brand awareness, earn impressive revenue, and fully establish a brand’s international presence, social media marketing has clearly become a go-to move for business leaders all over the world. Using targeted, geographically-prescient ads and umpteen features, lookalike audiences, native posts, and relaxed updates, you can penetrate new markets, increase your reach, and see social media success help empower a brand’s voice.

But what are the most successful and proven methods to get high-quality leads on these social platforms? By reading this complete article, you will get actionable methods that are sure to help boost your grasp, allow you to gain new leads, and grow your business.

What is Social Media Advertising?

Social media advertising, also known as social network advertising is basically a form of online advertising which actually focuses on social networking channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. This type of advertising boasts phenomenal capabilities, such as the ability to create highly-specific and targeted social media campaigns.

Using this form of ads, you can get to distribute all sorts of media content to a wealth of different users based only on information that has been gathered from specific target group profiles. The targeting abilities really are the reason why this has become one of the most successful online marketing strategies.

For instance, Facebook now has an advanced algorithm which allows marketers to know that a particular campaign will only be showcased to a set of specific followers. Then, you can check analytical data in great detail, getting to understand what users are “Country Enthusiasts”, or prefer to spend time focused on “Schools & Shopping”, etc.

Facebook Audience Insights is a great way to analyze complex sets of data. Indeed, users can get to optimize their ads every single day, taking the data gathered by the powerful network into account to tweak their overall social media advertising strategy.

What are the Goals of Social Media Advertising?

There are many goals that you can hope to attain. The main goal is quite simple to grasp: to produce amazing, shareable content that allows millions of users to share with their own network of connections. However, there are other goals which are associated with that need for massive content dissemination.

Here are some social media advertising objectives:

  • Broaden the customer research to acquire new leads
  • Provide SEO power through what is known as social signs
  • Develop long-lasting relationships with prospective customers through targeted ads, discounts, etc.
  • Get more traffic to a website using ads and updates
  • Boost brand awareness by sharing insightful and trendy content on a regular basis

Why Should Companies Explore Social Media Advertising?

First and foremost, the major reason why companies should go all in has to do with the fact that social media advertising allows companies to radically increase their overall visibility.

Indeed, promoting posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other networks is a great way to ensure a spotlight is directed at a company. Moreover, by creating a social media business page, entrepreneurs get to immediately gain prospective customers, interested followers, and a plethora of possible new leads.

Another incredible advantage? The ability to reach an absolutely engaged audience.

According to Nielsen, the average human being now spends 35 minutes on Facebook every single day. Facebook currently has more than 1 billion members, which means there’s the possibility to reach a huge number of people who are not only interested but highly-drawn to the media platform advertisers can use to unleash brand awareness.

The ability to reach a targeted audience is also one of the major benefits. In fact, since users tend to give a great deal of hyper-personal information away on their personal pages, business strategists can use that data to target specific users.

This allows you to target based on personal interests, age, gender, geographic location, etc. Facebook even has lookalike audiences, which are a great way to reach new people who will be more likely to actually showcase an interest in a business, since their friends have also shown that same interest.

With this ability, this form of advertising can really reach a wide array of highly-targeted, super-engaged, media-hungry users who will be more easily drawn to ad campaigns.

Here are some advantages of using social media advertising:

  • Flexibility, since the length of advertising descriptions offered by social networks is longer than the one found on Google Ads, for instance
  • Brand Awareness, inasmuch as social media fan pages help you increase customer loyalty by allowing you to interact with clients directly, keeping businesses closer to their target audience
  • Promotional Ability - ads allow you to only target those specific users who might show an interest in the product since you will only be charged when someone actually clicks an ad
  • Generates More Leads. By connecting each social ad campaign to a landing page, businesses get to lure people with a concrete Call-to-Action, ensuring they get to turn wildly interested viewers into actual customers

Now that we know the benefits of social media marketing and what is social media advertising, it’s time to understand what are the best ways to generate leads on social media to own the future of online advertising.

Best Ways to Generate Social Media Leads

1. Geo-Targeted Search

What is Geo-Targeting all about? Geo-Targeting, or local PPC, is the practice of actually delivering content or ads to specific customers based on their geographic location.

Geo-Targeted social search allows businesses to target local customers, find people, and actually invite them to check a specific business that can be found nearby.

Companies can also use geo-targeted ads to direct people to an offer in a lead gen form. Businesses can now utilize geo-targeting to track updates coming from a specific event venue.

This means social media advertisers can reach out to particular customers at specific events and locations, offering them the solutions they are yearning for. It’s targeted, remarkably useful - for both the businesses and the customers - and it helps companies get massive loyalty.

Why? Because that specific business was able to gather hyper-detailed information from clients and answer their needs in record time, allowing consumers to have the ultimate customer experience. Marketing strategists can even reach out to certain members of an event, or customers at a restaurant, and offer a specific deal such as an app trial.

2. The Boon of Social Selling

By combining specific elements of lead generation, sales practices, and social listening, social selling is a hot new social media trend that’s conquering businesses everywhere. Social selling is all about engaging with prospective clients online.

Every single time someone logs into their account, a quick-fire social selling enthusiast dives into that opportunity and rapidly connects with them, providing staggering value by going personalized, sharing great content, and answering any questions. It’s personal, it’s tailor-made, and it helps prospective customers feel like they are placed on a beguiling pedestal.

Here are some social selling stats to allow readers to understand why they must focus on this lead generation technique in the future:

  • Social selling actually gets 45% more opportunities for lead acquisition
  • 31% of B2B professionals have stated that social selling has actually allowed them to establish deeper connections with clients
  • Companies which bet on social selling processes are 40% more likely to reach profit goals
  • 50% of all revenue is now influenced by social selling in dozens of key industries

3. Social Media Tab

There is a well-kept secret: most software companies actually provide a Facebook application which allows businesses to craft an opt-in form on a Facebook page tab. This means you can now actually design a form that can effectively promote a lead magnet or ask visitors to click and subscribe.

A lead magnet is basically an offer such as a free consultation, piece of content, or some other invaluable endeavor that’s so interesting that it actually makes people share their names and emails in order to be able to get it. Lead magnets have been proven to help customers solve problems, and find a business that caters to their needs, allowing companies to earn new clients.

Here are some lead magnet ideas for businesses to dive into in the future:

  • Infographics
  • Quizzes
  • eBooks
  • Slide Shows
  • Reports
  • Case Studies
  • Product Reviews

4. The Almighty Referral

Referrals have been around for ages and here’s the reason why: they work. Word-of-mouth marketing is as powerful as ever and that’s what referring a friend is all about.

Here are some word-of-mouth marketing stats that allow you to understand why referrals are so successful when it comes to social media advertising lead generation:

  • 92% of customers believe that suggestions and recommendations from their friends and family members are more important than ads
  • 74% of clients believe word-of-mouth and referrals are a key influencer of their buying decisions
  • 88% of customers trust online reviews created by other customers as much as they trust suggestions given by their personal connections

Now that we know the amazing power of word-of-mouth marketing and referrals, it’s time to understand how businesses can incorporate them into their social media ad strategies.

Business strategists should be able to go ahead and create mighty-compelling offers for both the referee and the referrer such as cash incentives or even gift cards. Marketing enthusiasts can use social apps that are actually integrated into their marketing automation platform to quickly set up a successful referral campaign that reaches each and every platform.

It being that every message shall actually include a specific link that can track the customer’s responses at each stage of the conversion path, marketers will be able to thoroughly track the campaign’s effectiveness, power, and progression. This means they’ll be able to ascertain how referrers - the people who provide the referral code - are managing to spread the word to their friends.

More trusted than any other form of advertising, referral marketing really is one of the best ways to generate leads on social media.

An Ideal for Lead Generation

Lead generation has baffled marketers for quite some time, insofar as it appears to be the Holy Grail and the difference between conspicuously high rates of customer acquisition and the disappointed fate of those who fail to come up with concrete lead generation techniques.

By taking full advantage of masterfully targeted, exceptionally engaging social media ads, you can reach creative new levels, conquer a whole new audience of dedicated and loyal customers, and fully energize your business growth through leads generated on social media.