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It's impossible to talk about what to expect for 2021 without linking it to the peculiar 2020. Every aspect of our lives has been affected. Design is no different.  

Now it's all about being more authentic and direct on how we communicate, connect and deliver messages.

My favourite tendency is intentional imperfection

Intentional imperfection has been around for a while, and I believe that it has great creative potential. I like to transmit in the design charisma and personality with unique marks on it. Using handwritten letter styles, words with different lettering, photographs that come out of the idealised space, asymmetric designs, and even effects and textures. 

It makes design different and authentic.

Recently, on the rebrand of "

Recently, on the rebrand of GMC - Global Management Challenge, we used asymmetric and geometric forms to reinforce a powerful, playful and dynamic look and feel that enhances the competition values.

GMC Brand Animated


(Even more) sustainable design 

More Brands are adopting sustainable practices and are exploring ways to reuse, recycle and use more ecological products. Brands strategy are more focus on causes that inspire and strickly on business and profits.

8Sachen, a German start-up challenged us to develop a brand for their new sharing platform. To reinforce the sharing economy idea, ALTA transformed the "8" into a path that infinitely connects people and objects.

8 sashen

Retro is back

Lately, design projects started to be more retro and 60s editorial style inspired. Minimal and straightforward layouts focus on words, combined with impressive chosen typography and clean colours. Even illustrations are getting the retro look. 

At ALTA, we have been creating our team based on the essential elements of our brand. From small rounded shapes, we have developed and characterised our team of experts. The result? 

Fun and simple illustrations, with a retro look and feel. ALTA's look and feel.

Alta Team Animated


Let's make the brands authentic and connected to real users. 
We will be happy to assist you with strategy, brand identity and marketing materials.