How to Power-Up Your Brand's Social Media Presence

how to power up your brands social media presence

Social Media is King

With the ability to empower digital strategies like nothing else, social media marketing continues to be the Holy Grail and a sophisticated weapon you must have in your advertising arsenal.

Indeed, ALTA loves to experiment with social media, allowing a collective creative vision to be showcased on each and every post.

Why? Because we know that social media can represent a brand's ideals, values, and an inspired sense of innovative ability.

But what about using social media to boost the potential of massive brand awareness? How can you take max advantage of social media to let brand awareness techniques reach new heights?

By reading this expanded social media marketing post, you’ll be able to learn how to kickstart a Journey of Transformation that makes use of creative technology to reap social media optimization rewards!

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is basically all about using social media channels to actually get in touch with a specific target audience in order to effectively build a brand, drive website traffic, and ultimately take leads and sales to a whole new level.

What does that entail? It’s really about being able to publish phenomenally insightful and remarkably entertaining content on specific social media pages, engaging with followers, listening to the target audience’s yearnings and desires, and analyzing concrete data in order to know what to tweak and change across a given time period.

Nowadays, social media platforms have managed to truly become crucial market players. Indeed, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are some of the platforms companies have been investing in, reaping amazing rewards in the process.

Don’t believe social media marketing is a fundamental part of any digital marketing strategy that’s worthy of the name in the 21st century?

Check these social media advertising stats:

  • More than 50 million small businesses currently use Facebook to be able to connect with prospective customers
  • Facebook’s ad revenue is a whopping $16.9 billion
  • Instagram’s ad revenue hit $9 billion in 2018
  • There are now 3.499 billion active social media followers
  • The average human being spends about 140 minutes on social media every single day
  • In 2018, a total of $74 billion was spent on all social network advertising

Social media can empower your business, allow you to connect with a particular target audience, and help you reshape your brand awareness strategies like never before.

What is Branding?

Branding is actually the known process of providing a specific corporation, product or service with a meaning that’s crafted to shape the minds of worldwide consumers. It’s a philosophical ideal of what a brand is, its values, and what it aims to accomplish as an entity.

Some experts describe branding as the creation of a certain identity-forming vibe, sensibility and entrancing history that becomes attached and deeply connected to a particular brand.

What is the end game? To be able to both attract and retain faithful customers by delivering products that never fail to be perfectly aligned with the brand’s goals, ideals, and promises.

Who’s affected by branding?

Two sets of people:

  • The company’s employees, who get to gain a shared sense of wise philosophical ability, believing that the company they work for follows certain guidelines and represents specific values
  • The clients, who become immersed in a brand, taking the messages that the brand sends across as if they were a mantra or motto they could follow

Branding is all about creating a perception of a specific brand, allowing customers to feel ignited by a logo or slogan, connecting those cues with big words such as trust, freedom, justice, environment, activism, sustainability, humanity, or any other buzzwords companies can take advantage of to build the sense of a “brand.”

How does branding work?

It’s all about becoming able to:

  • Define a brand
  • Create a brand positioning strategy and statement
  • Allow a brand to develop a specific identity
  • Bet on ads and communications across a plethora of different channels
  • Create partnerships
  • Sponsor events so as to maximize the brand’s reach and power-up its values
  • Produce products
  • Create a great store experience
  • Dive into perfect customer service
  • Follow a pricing strategy that never forgets about the consumer’s needs

That’s it.

But how can you dive into awesome branding strategies using the untapped power of social media? Keep reading to find out.

How to Use Social Media to Redefine Your Branding Ability

1. Visuals Matter

Visuals are remarkably important on social media since most folks access platforms using smartphones which have small screens. You want to make sure that all your company’s social media profiles have a homogenous look - a vibe that encompasses each and every single platform that’s out there.

This will allow your target audience to immediately recognize the brand, irrespective of the app or website they happen to be using.

What steps should you take to ensure your social media channels take visual clarity into account?

Check them out:

  • Filter in a consistent manner
  • Always use the same logo
  • Pick a specific color palette and don’t get excited with experimentation
  • Craft templates to remain coherent across the board

Wondering how important visuals actually are?

Check ALTA Digital's LinkedIn page and explore our different posts, taking the usage of colors and dynamic hues into consideration.

What to do as you insert more social media posts on your page?

Make sure to test new templates, new post types, and never forget about the impact of a perfectly picked color palette!

2. Customer Service

Remember the definition of branding? Customer service is a huge part of that.

On social media, you have the opportunity to ensure your customers know your brand is on top of amazing customer support. Since 80% of social media users use platforms to connect with brands, you must be able to provide unforgettably competent customer service to stay ahead of the curve.

Here’s how to supercharge customer service on social media to ignite amazing branding:

  • Search brand mentions that might not be exactly obvious
  • Always use the right tone of voice and never be condescending
  • Use a knowledge base to help you when you need it
  • Monitor all social media mentions on a regular basis to keep sharp
  • Be fast - a slow response time might hurt you in the long haul
  • Consider betting on AI chatbots

3. Frequency is It

How often should you post on social media? Opinions vary but here’s what they don’t take into account: you’re new to the game.

Your brand is a new experience that’s just now reaching out and getting in touch with prospective customers.

What does that mean? You need to put the pedal to the metal and post frequently at this early stage.

You must post great content on a regular basis to keep people interested, ensuring they never forget about your fledgling brand. By posting informative updates on a daily basis, you’ll be able to stay top of mind.

Sharing social media posts regularly allows you to make sure that:

  • Your content is educational
  • It adds value
  • Your brand is alive and well
  • Your social media pages can become a source of engaging knowledge
  • You can gather enough social media followers to start going for impactful brand awareness

What’s the trick when it comes to social media planning? You need to be able to craft a super-complete and highly-detailed social media calendar. This will allow you to keep tabs on what’s new, update your content pool, and it also ensures you won’t lose track of social media posts.

Social media content planning allows you to get a holistic view of your content, know what are the messages you’re sending into the world, and it also lets you actually analyze results to see which social media post types work.

4. Influential People

You already know what influencer marketing is all about.

But how can you incorporate that into your social media strategy in order to boost branding abilities? Easy.

All you have to do is pick specific people who are part of your particular niche and then connect with them. You can offer them something in return for their help: they can post a weekly article on your company’s blog and - in return - you can help them craft an infographic for their brand, for example.

The key? To be able to understand that influencer marketing is like a democratic consensus: you need to provide value in order to take advantage of the influencer’s power and appeal.

That influencer has already earned the trust of the people you’re trying to woo. This is someone with knowledge of the game, years of experience, and a person that can mentor you and allow you to take advantage of a perfect audience that can help you grow your business.

What can you never forget? You need to find someone who has great expertise, is authentic, has got leadership skills, and is able to create super-engaging content that can turn social media followers into acquired clients.

5. Engagement is Everything

You post social media content regularly and manage to get a lot of clicks. People enjoy reading your posts, checking your quotes of the day, canvassing through some of the employees’ bios, etc.

But what are you forgetting about? Social media marketing can only supercharge branding initiatives if you keep engagement levels high.

You must engage, engage, and then engage some more.

How? Don’t just post content.

This isn’t a monologue: it’s a conversation with an audience that wants to get to know your brand, its aims, values, and philosophy.

But they aren’t in it just to listen to you: they want to be part of the brand and give their opinion, letting you calibrate your branding using social media as a pencil sharpener.

What should you do to be able to engage with your audience in a natural and cool way?

Follow these social media engagement steps:

  • Interact with followers and other companies (yes, even competitors)
  • Be playful and never disrespect anyone
  • Rally reviewers and galvanize the audience to give their opinion
  • Showcase your partners, customers, and employees to humanize the brand
  • Ask questions to the audience
  • Post polls to get opinions and new ideas
  • Incentivize content sharing by giving prizes (it boosts engagement and brings new followers into the game)

Thinking about how ALTA Digital measures social media engagement?

No need to fret about it!

We use the following social media analytics tools:

  • Zoho Social
  • Social Report
  • Sprout Social
  • Buffer Analyze

6. Topicality Doesn’t Hurt

One of the greatest banes of social media branding? The fact that some companies forget to define the topics and social media post types they want to go for.

You want to post regularly, engage with the audience, and make use of social media campaigns to ignite brand awareness and take branding to a new level.

But you also need to be consistent with your topics. If you’re an apparel brand, writing about spaceships and the ozone layer won’t help you in the long run.

What to do? Make sure you come up with a list of social media post types in order to guarantee your social media fan base can take advantage of a page that’s got some sort of consistent appeal.

Let’s say you’re a sneaker brand. You can write about shoes, sports, young people, skating, partying, late-night hangs, etc.

But you can’t write about the Republican nominee, the UN, or Brexit since these topics will confuse the audience, mess up their perception of what your brand is, and ultimately ensure people start running away from a brand that’s all over the place.

The key? Be you, find your voice, use social media to revolutionize branding, and always stay consistent.

Branding 2.0

From engaging with the target audience to remaining consistent, from posting regularly to leveraging devoted influencers, you need to be able to pull a lot of different strings in order to use social media marketing to enliven your audience, making them fall in love with the branding that gets followers to become representative customers.

A brand is an ideal, and it can only become a reality if you manage to take different strategies into account to create appeal, showcase your brand’s values, and turn prospective leads into dedicated brand champions who will always come back for more.

A powerful social media presence can really be the difference between success and disappointment, which means implementing the right strategies is of the essence.

What about you?

What strategies have you used to increase the reach of your social media realm?

Let us know by writing in our comment section!