How Big Data Analytics is Going to Shape Your Email Marketing Strategy

how big data analytics is going to shape your email marketing strategy

Email Marketing & Big Data: The Promise

Big Data Analytics is here to promote a spectacular revolution that promises to create a wealth of jobs and opportunities for businesses all over the globe. At ALTA, we love diving into Big Data sets to unveil mysterious data, learn from that information, and provide added value to our clients in different industries and sectors.

But how can you get to do it too?

How will this analytics boom help you shape the future of the email marketing strategy? By reading this analytics and email marketing post, you’ll be able to learn more about what is Big Data Analytics, what is Big Data technology, what is Email Marketing, and how these notions can come together to empower companies like never before.

What is Big Data Analytics?

Big Data Analytics is the super-complex process of actually examining varied and large data sets or what is known as Big Data in order to find specific info. Big Data analysts look for unknown correlations, hidden patterns, customer preferences and even global market trends that can eventually help companies come up with new solutions and make the best decisions.

Data analytics technologies can really help businesses take advantage of the perfect means to analyze specific data sets. By doing that, business masters can get juicy data and draw conclusions.

The characteristics of Big Data analytics allow for something special: a type of advanced analytics that involves complex applications like statistical algorithms, what-if analyses that are ignited by high-performing analytics systems, as well as predictive models.

The full-blown and thorough analysis of Big Data allows researchers, analysts and business users to make both faster and more accurate decisions using concrete data that was previously impossible to discern.

Nowadays, businesses are already using advanced analytics techniques such as machine learning, data mining, predictive analytics, text analytics, natural language processing, and even statistics to actually be able to get impeccable new insights from unexplored data sets.

You’re probably asking yourself: how big is Big Data? On the authority of highly-regarded experts, the global amount of data has reached a staggering 18 zettabytes.

That's right: that really is the full-blown total of all data ever created, replicated, or captured.

Why Does Big Data Analytics Matter?

What is Big Data used for?

And why is Big Data Analytics so important in the 21st century? First and foremost, analyzing Big Data sets helps companies harness their full-throttle data and use it to effectively understand more about hidden business opportunities.

As a result, data analytics experts get to provide clues to more intelligent business operations, increasing efficiency, making customers happier, and growing businesses with tremendous profits to boot.

How are companies getting value from Big Data analytics these days?

They get the following perks:

  • New services: becoming able to understand exactly what customers want and need, Big Data scientists analyze data to provide new services
  • Optimal decision-making processes: in-memory analytics is super speedy and - combined with the power to canvass through new data sources - it actually allows businesses to rapidly drain info, making the perfect decisions every single time
  • Reduced Costs: cloud-based analytics provide amazing cost advantages since they store large data sets. They can also understand what are the most cost-efficient ways of getting business done

Now that you know what is Big Data analytics, it’s time for you to dive into what email marketing is all about.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the usage of email to promote specific services and products. Using email to develop concrete relationships with either prospective or current customers, companies can bet on this segment of internet marketing and reap amazing rewards in the process.

Advertising email marketing online follows the same structure and the same vibe as direct mail.

The only difference? The fact that the messages are sent digitally and electronically, instead of on a piece of typed paper.

An email marketing system can be used to engage with customers, build a sense of trust, and ensure reticent clients become brand ambassadors. It’s also quite an effective solution for companies looking to educate their clients and keep them informed of new discounts, coupons, promotions, sales, brand activation events, etc.

Most people who purchase your products want and need to stay informed about your services and that’s where email advertising campaigns can come in, providing a simple method to ensure your mailing list gets juicy info.

Since 94% of Internet users have an email account, it seems clear that marketing through email can help you reach a plethora of different consumers who are part of your preferred target audience.

If you happen to be iffy on the advantages of advertising through email, you should definitely give it a try in order to effectively be able to reach a wide array of customers and empower your brand’s relationship with the audience.

The best thing about email marketing solutions, though? The fact that they guarantee a phenomenal ROI.

Indeed, you won’t need to put ad money behind your email marketing strategy at all, since your emails will already be perfectly tailored and targeted at your ideal clients because you’ll only be sending emails to folks who have already given you permission to send content.

One of the cheapest and most successful marketing methods, email marketing is here to stay.

Now that you know what is Big Data Analytics and what is Email Marketing, it’s time to understand how they will come together to supercharge businesses in the near future!

4 Ways Big Data Analytics and Email Marketing Are Going to Rule

1. More Personalization

Big Data is here to promote a complete overhaul and quite a revolution when it comes to email marketing strategies and methods.

But what will Big Data Analytics and email marketing concoct in the realm of personalization? When these two start working in full-blown tandem mode, they will be able to ignite email marketing campaigns that are both personal and diverse.

This means companies will be able to use such info as interests, demographics, previously purchased services, location, and plenty of others to ensure that email will clearly showcase to the customer that you understand what they need. For this to become a reality, you can’t forget to sync your email marketing platform with a powerful CRM system that can offer you a complete 360º view.

Using the boon of Big Data, companies will also be able to offer tailored discounts or promos to those clients who have reached a specific number of purchases or have even browsed and added particular items to their online shopping cart.

Now, you can use Big Data and email marketing to bring those iffy consumers back, create remarketing campaigns, and reap the rewards.

2. Customized Emails 2.0

Another benefit of the Big Data tech bonanza? The ability to craft and send incredibly customized emails.

When you think about providing actual value to your current mailing list, what better solution could there possibly be than showing you know each contact as a real individual by letting them know about local, customized offers?

With Big Data power, you can not only know who the client is but also where they happen to be. If you really want to draw customers to your brand, products, and services, you must be able to offer crucial incentives that galvanize them every single time.

Show them that you know them that well. Go for location and customer demographic data and get to send location-based emails that take personalization to a whole new level.

Nowadays, global retailers are already using location data to entice and educate their customers to return to a specific location, pairing location data and demographic info to prove just how well their brand knows that specific client.

ALTA has also been able to experiment with location data. In fact, we’ve coupled it with the boon of geo-targeting to ignite a super-successful email marketing service that not only allowed us to provide content to the perfect target audience but also gain new insights into Big Data.

3. The Feedback Special

What is the number one rule for any business venture that wants to be successful? Becoming able to gather customer feedback.

Don’t really see how important customer feedback actually is?

Check these awesome customer feedback stats:

  • 83% of customers have completed at least a customer feedback survey in the past year
  • The response rate for an email customer feedback survey is 24.8%, which means companies can get feedback data on almost a quarter of their clients (that’s a whole lot!)
  • Customer feedback and customer reviews are crucial since 66% of clients state they’re more likely to trust a brand that’s got a lot of reviews

Feedback matters and you know it.

So how can Big Data analytics and internet marketing online advertising help out? Big Data allows you to get access to feedback as well as an overview of the tactics and campaigns that are yielding concrete results.

By coupling the effectiveness of specific campaigns with the insight into the clients’ preferences and purchase history, you’ll be able to use your email marketing budget to get an ROI you can be proud of.

This ability to gather and consolidate info makes Big Data and email marketing a dynamic duo to be reckoned with.

4. Revenue Attribution

Without the Big Data blessing, you won’t be able to understand what are the specific email marketing tactics that are yielding revenue.

But with Big Data’s crucial help, you can instantly measure the effectiveness of email marketing for business.

Why? Because Big Data is collected in real-time. This means you can get to learn about a client’s major interests and desires while they happen to be browsing an online product store (even before they’ve decided to buy the product!)

Then, what? You can go ahead and use that invaluable info, shaping and changing marketing tactics taking usage behavior into account.

This means you can up the ante when it comes to revenue attribution because you can effectively use the best-in-class methods and tactics at the perfect time to get to maximize your cool profits.

Big Data and Email Marketing: A Love Story

From increased personalization to an unparalleled ability to customize services, from providing real-time info that can empower email marketing strategies to a whole new way of perceiving the Holy Grail of revenue attribution, Big Data is here to help the best email marketing service soar.

By taking advantage of these lessons, you will be able to supercharge new email marketing methods, allowing data to give you access to the info you need to take your abilities to new heights.

At ALTA Digital, we’ve been diving into Big Data for a long time, becoming enthralled by the promise of this info fest. We often go for intense Big Data and Business Intelligence analyses to be able to improve company email marketing strategies for multinational clients, with concrete positive results to make it all worthwhile.

What about you? Have you been able to take max advantage of Big Data and Email Marketing perfection?

Let us know in the comment section below!