The Best Mobile Apps for Digital Mavens

the best mobile apps for digital mavens

Mobile Apps That Matter

The world we’ve come to know has been affected by a seismic shift: product design and mobile app development.

With mobile apps, you can enter a whole new arena of terrific possibilities, have information available like never before, and take advantage of phenomenal features that allow you to be more productive, save time, purchase products, etc.

But what are the very best mobile apps for digital-minded experts? By reading this ALTA Digital Blog post, you’ll be able to get the full-blown top 9 mobile apps around for you to explore in style!

Top 9 Mobile Apps for Digital Professionals

1. Flickr

What is Flickr? It's basically an image & video hosting service, created by Ludicorp in 2004.

This mighty popular hosting and photo sharing service counts with some remarkably powerful features. Moreover, it supports a community that's both super active and always engaged, allowing you to share and explore the photos of other users.

What can you do with Flickr?

What are the features and advantages of Flickr?

Check them right now:

  • The basic account is yours for free, making it one of the best free Android apps around
  • Supported by a plethora of different websites
  • A wealth of great features, such as geo-tagging
  • Ability to show what camera model took the photo
  • Creative commons licensing
  • Tremendous online storage (1 terabyte!)
  • Incredible organizational tools
  • Allows you to easily share your albums
  • Gives you the chance to organize photos by collections and sub-collections
  • You can virtually upload from anywhere
  • You can tag keywords (and human beings) individually or inside a collection

2. Brand24

What is Brand24 all about? This is a top social media monitoring platform, and it can really become your favorite social media tool of all time.

With Brand24, you'll get immediate access to social media brand mentions across blogs, videos, reviews, online communities, forums, news outlets, social media networks, etc.

What can you do with Brand24?

What are the advantages of Brand24?

Get a load of this:

  • Follow up on positive reviews and comments
  • Answer customer feedback faster than ever
  • Take advantage of automated sentiment analysis
  • Get instant push notifications to engage with users
  • Identify top influencers that rule over your specific niche
  • Get important stats and analytical data on discussion volume, sentiment, and brand mentions
  • Determine your reach and know the quality of the buzz you generate
  • Get the numbers and scores that are relevant (kill vanity metrics for good!)

3. Facebook Ads Manager

An article on the best mobile apps for digital marketing pros that doesn't mention Facebook, the social media giant that controls and oversees all that we do? Not going to be an option!

The Facebook Ads Manager app is one of the best advertising apps on planet Earth. This is the one-and-only Facebook tool that allows you to manage and create successful Facebook Ads.

Indeed, you can check, view, see results, edit, make changes, and tweak both ads and ad sets at ease.

What are the benefits of Facebook Ads Manager?

Here they are:

  • The most targeted form of advertising around
  • The cheapest ad type you can go for
  • It’s fast, drives immediate results and reaches thousands of people
  • Proven to give a massive boost to your brand awareness initiatives
  • Boosts web traffic in a super-precise, cost-effective way
  • Drives amazing revenue, leads, and sales
  • No guesswork involved since every single aspect is measurable
  • Takes customer attribution to a whole new level, leading to more conversions
  • Allows you to lower your cost per acquisition
  • Engages website visitors through the art of Facebook Ads remarketing
  • Helps you craft a solid mailing list through lead ads forms
  • Increases your SEO power due to social signals
  • More effective than organic Facebook (that's practically a dead end)
  • Allows you to set your budget - either a daily or lifetime budget

4. Buffer

Buffer is here, and it really is one of the best free social media marketing apps around. This is a social media tool and a great software application that's been crafted to help you manage social media accounts.

Here, you can schedule your social media posts to such giants as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. You can also get to analyze results, get daily stats, and always know where and how you can tweak your social media publishing strategy to reap more rewards.

Why should you start using Buffer?

Because you can:

  • Pick the best times to schedule your posts, adding a post to your queue, and actually socializing it at the next available time scheduled
  • Check powerful analytics, analyzing a particular data range, exporting the data available, and even comparing specific sets of thorough analytics
  • Use Pablo, a free image crafting tool which can effectively help you design social media images
  • Select your default shortener
  • See best and worst-performing posts based on engagement levels
  • Filter per type of engagement (favorites, retweets, likes, comments, replies, clicks, etc.)
  • Know what the optimal posting times are
  • Integrate blog feeds to find new content sources

5. Google Analytics

The Google Analytics app is one of the top 10 must have Android apps. This is the foremost web analytics service that can report and track all website traffic.

Launched in November 2005, Google Analytics is now used by more than 50 million websites every single day. A special tool that allows you to know every detail about the traffic that's coming to your website, this is an app you simply can't live without.

What's so awesome about the Google Analytics app?

You can:

  • See what you can offer next by getting a 360º view of your web traffic
  • Understand what your users need and want from your pages
  • Make concrete decisions on which social media networks to focus on
  • Analyze competitors, gaining unparalleled insight
  • Learn more about the keywords that can help you reach new heights, attract new traffic, and retain your target audience
  • Segment your market, using Advanced Segments
  • Set goals, knowing whether or not you're meeting the numbers you need
  • Check your ranking on the SERPs
  • Understand where your customers are coming from
  • Analyze the first impression you're making by checking your overall Bounce Rate
  • See the Average Time on Page, Exit Rate, Number of Sessions, Number of Unique Sessions, and analyze the metrics therein

6. Pocket

Have you ever heard of Pocket? This is both an application and web service that allows you to actually manage an article reading list as well as videos.

Available in a host of browsers and operating systems, Pocket is the app you need to stay updated on the latest news, and the best new content types, ensuring you can shape and change your content marketing strategy taking real facts into account at all times.

Why should you explore Pocket right away?

Here are the benefits of Pocket:

  • Amazing interface where you can keep track of your saved links
  • Ensures a clear and clean reading experience
  • Allows you to read blog posts and articles in an ad-free interface
  • Offers a coherent user experience on all devices
  • Automatically organizes your saved links, using three distinct categories (Images, Articles, and Videos)
  • Works across a host of different platforms with both apps and extensions available for every browser, tablet, and mobile device
  • Offline access to articles that you saved
  • You can export all the bookmarks you want in a single HTML file
  • Share individual stories with other users
  • Share on Buffer, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook
  • Easy to explore the best stories that are saved by other users

7. Wunderlist

Wunderlist has arrived!

This is a task management app that's cloud based. It ensures you get to manage your tasks using a wearable device, smartwatch, tablet, desktop computer, or smartphone.

If you're into digital marketing strategies and you happen to dive into digital-first work, you know you're probably going to have to deal with a deluge of daily tasks. Enter Wunderlist, making your life that much easier.

Wunderlist is as free as it can be, with additional features available if you opt for Wunderlist Pro. Indeed, this is one of the best free Android apps ever.

What are the benefits of Wunderlist?

Check the advantages of Wunderlist right now:

  • The free version is packed-full with great functionalities
  • Works seamlessly across all the major devices
  • Allows you to assign to-dos, reminders, and due dates
  • You can organize and share your groceries, work, tasks, movies, household chores, and to-dos
  • You can collaborate and communicate with team members using the app
  • The interface is a drag and drop beauty that allows you to ensure processes are both easy and smooth

8. Socioboard

Need some marketing apps for business but have never heard of Socioboard? Allow ALTA Digital to shed some light.

Socioboard is a social media lead generation toolkit for all businesses that you won't be able to live without. It's both the first and only open-source software that can help you harness the full-throttle power of your social media initiatives to get more sales and generate amazing leads.

It allows you to perform different functions such as reporting, using analytics and managing social media channels.

Here are the advantages of using Socioboard:

  • Smart inbox, auto RSS feeds, Google Analytics, and sentiment analysis
  • Advanced scheduling and publishing
  • In-depth analytics, reports, as well as effective real-time monitoring
  • Team collaboration features
  • A helpdesk integration
  • Allows you to manage social feeds, and send updates to all social networks
  • Lets you queue messages to send at a later time
  • You can check clicks, views, sent messages, retweets, and team tasks
  • Use i-boardpro, which effectively lets you manage and create several Instagram accounts

9. LastPass

If you're a digital marketing pro, you know that there's something you can't possibly work without: a safe, completely reliable, and mighty trustworthy password manager.

There are a bunch of them in the market but there's one that stands tall, watching over all others with undeniable class: LastPass. This is the freemium password manager par excellence, and it stores encrypted passwords in the online realm.

The basic version of LastPass effectively comes with a web interface while also allowing you to use plugins coming from different sources, such as browsers and apps.

Here are the advantages of LastPass:

  • Super-convenient, since you won't need to mistype your password anymore
  • Saves time, as you won't need to canvass through lost documentation to get that shifty password you created 10 years ago
  • It ensures you're totally safe, knowing you can always count on a precise system that will save long-winded passwords without fail
  • Allows you to store important info such as membership IDs and PIN codes
  • Shows just how strong your password really is
  • Creates new passwords for you
  • Allows you to share passwords with others
  • Fills out credit card forms and addresses

The Complete List

From image and video hosting services to social media monitoring platforms, from an ad manager to a remarkably important analytics tool, these are the 9 applications every digital marketer can't get to live without in this millennium, and some of the best apps of all time.

By taking them all into account, you'll be able to explore some of the most useful Android apps in daily life, get to rely on actual data, showcase awesome social media power, manage your tasks and to-dos at ease, and ensure you can grow your business with targeted advertising, updated information, and the best digital marketing strategy around.

Here, at ALTA, our digital-oriented pros use these apps all the time.

What about you?

Have you used or are currently using any of these apps?

Let us know in the comment section below!